Who We Are:

CrowdSense specializes in crowd-worn technology, and we offer our clients the latest options in on-site event experimental marketing systems and platforms.

Our technology is used at large scale events, specifically festivals and concerts and is conveniently placed in wearable accessories like bracelets and lanyards.  Unlike other companies, we offer both the wearable technology and the mobile application the technology pairs with. Our downloadable mobile app is available to every client and can be branded and customized for every venue. 

When you choose CrowdSense, you get access to real-time data and insights. Our Clients can track the consumer’s behavior at the event and their guests overall experience. We collect all the data on our end and CrowdSense clients can use that information to improve future events! 

Trusting CrowdSense with your event ensure that your guests with have a great time with easy access to VIP areas, cashless payments and access to the event mobile app with even more features!

What We Do:

Wearable Tech

RFID Technology offers cashless payments across your event, reduce queue times and provide more efficient entry control, capture customer data efficiently and improve security.

We offer an extensive range of fully customizable RFID wristbands and more.

RFID Events & Brand Activations

Our RFID Brand Activation Platform allows brands, sponsors, and events to connect with attendees, collect data, and amplify any event experience.

Each RFID event is custom tailored to the goals you want to achieve

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