RFID Events

Transform your event into an interactive experience.

Each RFID event is custom tailored to the goals you want to achieve!


Event Registration

Brand Engagement

Real-Time Data

Crowd Insights

Event Registration


  • Your attendees have the option to register through a custom-made event microsite on our app. Once they register they’ll receives a unique QR code, which can be redeemed on-site for their specific piece of wearable tech- lanyard, wristband, etc.

  • Registration metrics are specific to your event and we will build you microsite specifically for your event with the branding that you want!

On-Site Registration

  • Attendees use tablets on-site for a quick and easy registration process. With RFID, attendees simply wave their wristband or badge over a sensor to get in. No more digging in purses to find tickets, or struggling to make scanners process wet or wrinkled barcodes. Our tech can seamlessly handle re-entry for multi-day events, or provide easy access to multiple zones within an event (like a VIP area).

  • The technology we offer allows you to resolve issues quickly AND allow guests to easily upgrade their experience. Using handheld devices, your staff can look up and replace RFID wristbands as soon as VIPs have an issue. RFID also opens up new doors to drive revenue by offering on-site VIP upgrades. In the future, you could use RFID to let General Admission attendees instantly upgrade their access level to gain entry to a VIP area. That means happier attendees, and more revenue in your pocket.

  • After registering on-site, attendees will be given a scanned and properly associated data carrier by a staff member


Create Visual Connection To Your Brand

  • Photo and video activations with custom branded overlays put your brand on every photo that is taken and posted at the event

  • Our Technology allows sponsors to gather data without being intrusive. The best news for your sponsors? It’s easier than ever for them to track traffic to their booth and measure return on investment.

  • Let your event do the marketing for you, with people enjoying your brand or product through real interactions

Engage Attendees Like Never Before

  • RFID creates new ways for sponsors to engage your attendees in fun and interactive experiences. With RFID wristbands, attendees can enter raffles, join competitions, or “vote” in a poll, all by simply tapping their wrist or showing their badge.

  • Gather important demographic data by implementing scan-to surveys and questionnaires

Data & Insights


  • RFID offers real-time reporting tools to provide instant application data and analytics. Tracking data is delivered in real-time and shows you exactly how attendees are experiencing your events.

  • Conveniently packaged data gives you a full picture of your entire event so you can continue to make improvements and adjustments. RFID gives you immediate insight into how foot traffic flows through your event. For multi-day events, this means you can use RFID data from the first day to change your gate layout or add extra lanes.


  • Know exactly which vendors in which locations see the most foot traffic. The data can help you learn where to place concession stands, facilities, and sponsor booths to eliminate bottlenecks within the event — or to figure out which performers or stands were most popular.

  • Provide real-time statistics to vendors and see which are performing at an optimal level, and why

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